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Marketing/Social Media Officer

Pay: Profit Share of Production
Hours: Flexible

A Little Bit of Life is a new musical based around ideas related to 80’s nostalgia. We are due to start rehearsals in mid-November and are currently in the process of preparing for the run in the Bread and Roses Theatre (Clapham) in December this year.

In the run up for this, we will become more and more heavily reliant on our Marketing Officer, who will be jointly responsible with the company directors for all promotion, social media and marketing materials, such as programmes and posters.

The ideal candidate is:
– Very Organised: keeping an eye on their emails, able to keep track of bits and pieces and to chase up accordingly as well as being able to keep a record of all this.
– Motivated: Ready for a challenge and ready to ensure we are able to fill the 45 seat venue night after night on the run.
– Experienced: Specifically in marketing and promotions in some capacity, with prior experience in a similar role preferably in fringe theatre.
Knowledgable: Knowing how the world of the media works, able to send press releases out on our behalf.
Social Media Literate: Savvy with social media with links to social media sites they manage or have managed, or to social media accounts they admire. Also good at keeping on top of social media.

Desirable Qualities Are:
– Media, Advertisement, Marketing or Event Management based education background, such as a degree in professional marketing or a diploma in public relations. Familiar with all major social media networks, with a phone or computer capable of accessing these sites.
– Graphic Design literate, with a good eye for detail and aesthetic. Film Making/Editing Literate, with some experience or interest in this field.

Responsibilities will include sending out the press release, chasing up reviewers, assisting with print advertisement, offering feedback on any promotional materials, managing all social media platforms on behalf of the company during the set period of time and assisting (or managing) all media (photos and videos) of the production for future use, as well as potentially producing these materials for the company.

If you are interested in this position please send a CV and links to social media, as well as a portfolio if you have one to

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