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A Little Bit of Life

Life is a mystery for teenager Marty.

Marty’s parents grew up in the era of the 60s revolution. Jacque – his father – took part in student riots in Paris in 1968 and after meeting Anne – his mother – they both escaped to America in search of freedom and pursuit of happiness. And Marty? His life is fairly boring and goes on spending his time with friends in a local diner and escaping the tyrannic Principal O’Brien. For some that might be the dream, but not for Marty who’s mother left when he was young. As he’s looking for a way to follow in his mother’s rebellious footsteps, he comes to possess a magical diary, allowing everything Marty writes in the diary to come true. However, will Marty write the wrong thing? Let Madonna songs give us the answer.

A Little Bit of Life received its London Premiere at the Bread and Roses Theatre opening to a 4 **** Review.




Daniel Ghezzi

Sara Galvin






Hanne Evhammar

The Fablulous


Saskia Burke

Laurence Watkins
Jack/Principal O’Brien

Giorgio Borghes
Mr. Robbins/Fairy Godmother




Damien Noyce

Hannah Parkes






Hazel Bracken
Dance Captain/Ensemble

Mikolaj Chrobot
Book & Direction

Jalice Corral

The Marvellous


Becky Harrison

Neil Hellard
Head of Scenography

Lukas McCabe
Musical Direction & Arrangements

Joe Shafique
Associate Musical Direction

A Slither Of

Marvellous Media

A Slither of

Marvellous Media

A Slither

Marvellous Media

With Special Thanks To

The Original Cast, Crew and Musicians of A Little Bit of Life.


The Committee of the Student Society of Art and Performance at the University of Roehampton.


The Drama, Theatre and Performance Department at the University of Roehampton.