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Preparing A Dramatic Entrance

Have you got a show you’ve always thought about putting on?

At Glitter Theatrical, we look to create theatre that is thought provoking, interesting and most of all…fabulous. We leave this philosophy (if you can call it than) purposely loose because we love hearing about all sorts of theatre, whether it’s an obscure Sarah Kane play that you want to adapt to an operetta or a jolly Christmas themed two-hander, we want to hear about it.

We are not always in a position to take on new shows, however we are always open to hearing about your ideas whether it’s in the hope of it being produced by Cameron Mackintosh himself, or with the intention of trying it out in a small fringe theatre with Glitter Theatrical.

If you’ve got an idea you’d possibly-maybe-by-chance want to work on with us, why not introduce us to it by emailing

As to how you do that, we leave that up to your imagination xoxo