Glitter Theatrical


Life is like a Box of Chocolates: It’s all good.

The world in which we live can be a bit of a handful sometimes. It’s a high maintenance, sometimes draining affair that leads some of us to year for that two hours of escapism we call the theatre. Whilst people attend the theatre for various reasons, it’s the enjoyment and idea of fun that sits at the heart of Glitter Theatrical. The theatre scene at the minute is a very diverse place, with lots of theatre companies tackling tough issues in thoughtful, sensitive and interesting ways. The question is, could this be done slightly differently?

When putting on a small production of an 80’s Jukebox Musical, former University peers Mikolaj Chrobot and Lukas McCabe wanted to create something fun, that celebrates the best and the worst of the 80’s and life in the present day. Following two years of development, the world premiere production of A Little Bit of Life played to sell out audiences and praising audience members. The show created two and a half hours of fun, something which is needed with the difficult issues we face in our everyday lives.

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